In this tempest in the nation
When giant trees are felled by errant ants
And shielded sharks wear life jackets
Who dares to swim naked?


They keep lugging living water
With tainted gluttonous buckets
From the crude sea God blessed us with;
Leaving the weak with bare baskets
Full of pregnant promises!


At dawn, they that should complain
Hailed and waved at their planes
As they zoomed overseas
For what they hoped was for our gain.


By midday, some hailers lost their voices
And some wailers changed their choices.


Now, it is twilight
And stranded in the middle
Of the political firmament
Are perplexed patches
of suffering and smiling wailing hailers!


 © Tonykata 2018

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata





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