A quintessential African woman

The “traditional” African woman is still here and is …
Still cooking.
Still doing the dishes.
Still taking care of her home.
Still being very submissive to God.
Still getting pregnant and giving birth.
Still working 8-5 in her place of work and at 5-8 taking care of her household with little sleep.
Still doing school runs.
Still going to school and earning degrees.
Still earning a salary to take care of herself and her family.
Still forgiving the sins of the traditional African man who keeps philandering with other traditional African women.
Still condoning the laziness of some traditional African men who refuse to take responsibility.
Still standing in the gap and interceding on behalf of the traditional African man.
Still suffering all forms of abuse in her home, community, society, place of work and place of worship – just for being a traditional African woman.
Amidst all these and more,
Still beautiful with a whole load of class.
Still making huge strides in the traditional African man’s world.
And one day, she will lead the traditional African man’s country called Nigeria — ONE DAY!

Margaret Adaba Soyemi

A communication specialist, Margaret is gainfully employed and fruitfully married.

NB:This piece was her response to the tweet: “Where did the traditional African woman go to; the woman who cooked, cleaned, took care of the house and was submissive???”




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