Wheelchair-bound.: Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe  (21 February 1924 – 6 September 2019) in his last days

Adieu, Bob!

Hope you had breakfast and a welcome do with Joshua Nkomo.

Your two-some gave Ian Smith everlasting nightmares in Salisbury (now Harare).

Nkomo left early without the opportunity or time to show us another side, if he had any.

But you had time, too much time;

for the cloth to tear and the warts to surface in all ugliness for all to see.

As a living ancestor in the last decade, it was amazing how you made Zimbabwe to imitate your footsteps and totter in arrested development.

But we can’t speak ill of the dead.

Only of your lived life.

You sacrificed a lot for Zimbabwe and nearly sacrificed Zimbabwe for yourself.

Rest in peace!

Austin Isikhuemen is a Lagos-based public affairs analyst


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