We should not just fold our arms and watch coronavirus wreaking havoc, as if we are the NIGERIAN OBSERVER.

We should act as the VOICE OF NIGERIA in this fight and join the GALAXY of CHANNELS being used to inform people of the government’s BLUEPRINT on the pandemic.

Be a CHAMPION, an INQUIRER and an EXAMINER; help to MONITOR your immediate community, be it in THE SUN or in the rain, so that we can achieve NATIONAL ACCORD in the bid to tackle the plague.

Continue to write, read and watch THE NEWS so you can TELL it correctly to everyone.

Let it show in your DAILY POST, whether in the morning or in PM NEWS.

As you do so, do not seek personal ENCOMIUM or cause RIPPLES by collaborating with those who see this as another opportunity to loot THE NATION so that in the end we shall soar like THE EAGLE.


©Tony Ekata (2020)



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